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Nice to meet you at Magento Live!

Together with Fons Hofstra of BMN Bouwmaterialen we presented a successful B2B story. At the end of the presentation, our Customer Success Manager Chantal Schinkels had five tips for you. And on this page, we give you five tips extra!:

  1. Ask your customer
    Always try to involve your customers in the new developing process. They can provide important answers and essential feedback.
  2. Start small
    You do not have to start with all your categories and products. Or even all your customers. Start small and grow step by step.
  3. Give B2B the same treatment as B2C
    Maybe a tip you hear before but a very important one. Your B2B customer is a B2C customer at home. They expect more and more! A quick checklist:
    - Provide pictures and videos. Customers really appreciate good demo videos of your products.
    - Ask your customers for ratings and reviews
    - Give them flexible shipping options and order updates
    - Use personalization
    - Provide the whole catalog for easy browsing
    - Give real-time product, stock and price information
    - Take care of an excellent Customer service by e-mail, phone, chat or even WhatsApp
  4. A quick acceptance of new customers
    Do not lose customers and take care of a quick acceptance of new customers. Make sure you respond quickly on questions by e-mail or quotation requests.
  5. Enhance your onsite search functionality
    A B2B customer know what they want. They want to have a fast and relevant onsite search functionality. Guapa E-commerce is a huge fan of Algolia, Tweakwise, and Conversify.
  6. Provide the right content. Content is still king. Make the right content for your existing and new customers. B2B buyers always looking for the right information. Do not forget:
    - Product detail information
    - Demos
    - Best practices
    - Cases
  7. Know your persona's! An onsite buyer wants different information than the financial manager. When you know your persona's you can provide the right information for the right person in the B2B company
  8. Use social media.
    Tell your story through Social media. Start with one channel (where your customers are) and extend your channel one by one.
  9. Show your prices (if you want to compete on lowest price)
    With all the platforms like Amazon do not hesitate to show your price. Or even start with the Magento B2B suite price option per customer.
  10. Start!
    A revenue of twice the size of B2C it's not a question if you have to start with B2B e-commerce but when! Give your current customers the possibility to order whenever they want. And be more visible for new customers.

Magento B2B Commerce

We love to share our knowledge! We already have some free (Dutch) content. Do you want more information in response to our presentation? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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